Quilty Analytics caters to corporate clients and investors with a full range of financial advisory services.

Our team of highly-experienced financial professionals draws from a wealth of experience across the Satellite & Space industry to provide you with confidence that your transaction will be executed seamlessly and successfully.

We view each situation as unique and rather than requiring our engagements to fit into the rigid transaction categories touted by our peers, we instead work with you to define success and architect a plan to
achieve it.

We have worked with numerous clients across the Space & Satellite ecosystem to successfully execute transactions that include:
  • Buy-side advisory, helping our clients define an inorganic growth strategy, seek out appropriate acquisition targets, perform diligence, negotiate, and execute such opportunities.
  • Sell-side advisory, helping our clients and their shareholders to achieve liquidity through sale or recapitalization transactions.
  • Equity private placements, helping our clients raise equity financing ranging from early-stage venture to late-stage control or minority equity investments.
  • Debt private placements, providing debt financing solutions ranging from senior secured debt to mezzanine and venture debt financing.
  • Valuation studies and fairness opinions used by clients, Boards of Directors, shareholders, and other relevant stakeholders.