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IRDM: 2Q16 Earnings: Strong Fundamentals Clouded by Liquidity Concerns 07/29/2016 20160729 IRDM DeLorme, Garmin, Aireon, FAA, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, FAA, Coface, Thales, Satelles
DGI: 2Q16 Earnings: “Beat and Raise” Propels Stock 16% 08/01/2016 20160801 DGI KACST/TOQNIA, NGA, NRO, DISA, DIA, esri, Uber
August 2016 Satellite & Space Monthly Review 08/03/2016 20160803 Moon Express, SpaceX, Deep Space Industries, Bigelow Aerospace, Planetary Resources, Effective Space, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpacePharma, Spaceflight Industries, SES, Arianespace, ULA, Orbital ATK
KVHI: 2Q16 Earnings: In-Line Results; Weak Mini-VSAT and Back-Ended Guidance Raise Concerns 08/04/2016 20160804 KVHI Inmarsat
ORBC: 2Q16 Earnings: “Beat and Maintain” Apparently Not Good Enough 10/05/2016 20161005 ORBC Carrier, CIMC, EMSA, EU, Doosan, Hub, Walmart, Inmarsat, AT&T, Verizon, Fleetmatics
SATS: 2Q16 Earnings: Middling Results, But New Capacity on the Horizon 08/15/2016 20160815 SATS DISH, Eutelsat, Telesat, SES, OneWeb, ULA, ViaSat
VSAT: 1Q17 Earnings: A Status Quo Quarter; Waiting on ViaSat-2 08/16/2016 20160816 VSAT Boeing, Ex-Im, Eutelsat, JetBlue, United, Virgin America, El Al, American Airlines, Telesat
Disaster on the Launchpad; Implications for SpaceX and the Industry 09/02/2016 20160902 Spacecom, Xinwei, IAI, Facebook, Eutelsat, EchoStar, Intelsat, Yahsat, Avanti, Iridium, KT Corp., NASA, Aireon, ViaSat, Inmarsat, Arabsat, Telesat, SES
OA: Stratolaunch Back in Play – Second Time’s a Charm? 10/16/2016 20161016 OA Stratolaunch, SpaceX, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Sierra Nevada, NASA, USAF, Virgin Galactic, Rocket Labs
DGI: DigitalGlobe Doubles Down on GEOINT 10/12/2016 20161012 DGI The Radiant Group
DGI: 3Q16: Across-the-Board Growth Drives Another Beat and Raise; Launch Date Confirmed 10/26/2016 20161026 DGI Uber, esri, Microsoft, VRICON, Saab, Radiant, Timbrio, NGA, DIA
IRDM: 3Q16: Iridium Raises 2016 Forecast; Pushes out NEXT Completion Until 2018 due to Launch Delays 10/28/2016 20161028 IRDM DeLorme, Garmin, SpaceX, NASA, DoD, FAA, Aireon, FlightAware, Coface, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Doosan
I: End of the Slow Bleed? Prices “Stabilizing” with Capacity Growth on the Horizon 11/02/2016 20161102 I Global Eagle Entertainment, Boeing, General Atomics
ORBC: 3Q16: Guidance Lowered on Hardware Hiccup; Record Backlog, Larger Orders Bode Well for 2017? 11/07/2016 20161107 ORBC Doosan, Hub, Walmart, Inmarsat, Global Fishing Watch, Carrier
HRS: Solid 1Q17 Bodes Well for FY17 Outlook, Radio Step-Up Looms as Merger Distractions Fade 11/11/2016 20161111 HRS Caprock, Speedcast, Aireon, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins,
KVHI: Delayed TACNAV Orders Boost Q3 but Drag Down 2016; Looking Ahead to 2017 for a Breakout Year? 11/29/2016 20161129 KVHI Panasonic, Global Eagle Entertainment
SATS: EchoStar Reports Solid Q3 on Eve of Major Launch Campaign; A 40% Boost for Echo 19 12/05/2016 20161205 SATS DISH, Eutelsat, Telesat, SES, Global Eagle Entertainment, Gogo, Yahsat, Panasonic, Thales, ViaSat, Qest, ThinKom, Astronics,
SATS: Trading Places; Second Time's a Charm? 02/01/2017 20170201 SATS DISH
ORBC: 4Q16 Large Rollouts Portend Upside in 2017 02/03/2017 20170203 ORBC JB Hunt, Hub, Prime, Walmart, CR England, Maerospace, Lloyd's List Group, Carrier, Verizon
HRS: Portfolio Cleanup Done; HRS to Return-to-Growth in FY18 02/07/2017 20170207 HRS SpeedCast, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins
VSAT: Soft Q3 and Launch Delay Weigh on Stock; ViaSat-3 Outlook Boosted by Stock Offering, Expanded Eutelsat JV 02/14/2017 20170214 VSAT Boeing, Ex-Im, Eutelsat, JetBlue, United, Virgin America, El Al, American Airlines, Telesat
DGI: MDA Considers Dining on DGI 02/22/2017 20170222 DGI MDA, General Dynamics, Harris, Lockheed, BAE, Ball Aerospace, Orbital ATK
DGI: MDA to Acquire DGI for $35 02/24/2017 20170224 DGI MDA
IRDM: A Solid Finish to 2016 and In-Line Guide for 2017; Credit Amendment to Provide Breathing Room Until 1Q19 02/27/2017 20170227 IRDM Garmin, Thales, Boeing, SpaceX
SATS: Prospect Brighten for 2017; Consumer, Aero, Satellite Services Poised to Grow; Good Riddance to Set Top Boxes 03/01/2017 20170301 SATS ViaSat, Gogo, Eutelsat, Yahsat, Panasonic, Qest, ThinKom, Astronics, Global Eagle, Panasonic, Thales, SpaceX, ILS
I: The OneWeb Merger – A New Lease on Life or a Path Best Avoided? And, Intelsat Just Beat-and-Raised ! 03/14/2017 20170314 I OneWeb, SES, Telesat, ViaSat, SpaceX, Boeing, LeoSat, ProtoStar, XTAR, IPSTAR, Arianespace, SpaceX, Hughes, iDirect, SSTL, SNC, Clyde Space, Tyvak, GomSpace, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Facebook, Google
KVHI: Rolling the Dice on KVH 2.0; A New Mini-VSAT Pricing Strategy and a Big Bet on Autonomous Vehicles 03/29/2017 20170329 KVHI Intelsat, Inmarsat
IRDM: Q1 Results In-Line, Full-Year Guidance Affirmed; Liquidity Picture Set to Improve 05/01/2017 20170501 IRDM Caterpillar, Garmin, Thales, Malaysia Airlines, SITAONAIR, Qatar Airways, FlightAware, Harris, Boeing, Honeywell, Lindsey Manufacturing, Cobham, L3, Rockwell Collins
I: 1Q17: A Stumble Out the Gate, But Guidance Intact; Epic Delivering the Goods? 05/04/2017 20170504 I Gogo, Panasonic, GEE, Marlink, Speedcast, Kymeta, RigNet, Sonatel, Liquid Telecom, Inmarsat
DGI: 1Q17 Across-the-Board Growth Drives Another Beat and Raise; Launch Date Confirmed 05/05/2017 20170505 DGI MDA, Thales
HRS: Q3 Tops Forecast – Numbers Marching Up; Management Projects a “Return-to-Growth” in FY18 05/08/2017 20170508 HRS Aireon, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins
ORBC 1Q17 Notches Record Service, Hardware, Subs; Expecting 2017 to be a “Defining Year” 05/10/2017 20170510 ORBC JB Hunt, Pole Star, Weatherdock, Kevadiya, Carrier, CIMC
KVHI: 2017 Off to a Slow Start But Growth Initiatives Showing Early Promise; Orders for TACNAV, mini-VSAT will be Key 05/12/2017 20170512 KVHI Inmarsat
VSAT: 4Q17 Flash Earnings Summary 05/24/2017 20170524 VSAT Iceland Air, Eutelsat, EchoStar
OA: Slow Start to 2017, But Strong Orders/Backlog Support “Affirmed” Outlook 06/01/2017 20170601 OA ULA, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, Vista Outdoor
VSAT: ViaSat-2 Goes Up, But Estimates Likely to Come Down; ViaSat-3 Making Headway but Delayed by a Year 06/07/2017 20170607 VSAT Arianespace, Eutelsat, Finnair, Satellite & Space, EL AL, Hughes, IcelandAir, Boeing, Inmarsat, Intelsat
ORBC: ORBCOMM Acquires inthinc. Another ‘Fixer’ with Attractive Synergy Potential 06/13/2017 20170613 ORBC inthinc
DGI: DigitalGlobe Selects SSL to Build WorldView Legion 07/10/2017 20170710 MDA, Taqina/ KACST, Ball Aerospace, Globalstar, Skybox Imaging, Planet, Harris, Orbital ATK, Lockheed
IRDM: 2Q17 Sees Record M2M Additions, Finalized Credit Agreement, and Top/Bottom Line Beat 07/28/2017 20170728 IRDM Caterpillar, Garmin, SpaceX, Thales Alenia Space, Orbital ATK, SES, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Inmarsat, ORBCOMM, ViaSat, Cobham
DGI: 2Q17 Exiting in Style with Another Strong Quarter; Another Solid “Beat” and Strongest Growth Since 2Q15 07/24/2017 20170724
Intelsat 2Q17: Guidance Lowered as EpicNG Growth Slows; New Hardware and Services to the Rescue? 07/31/2017 20170731 I OneWeb, Softbank, Kymeta, Orbital ATK, Zieltec Telecom, Etisalat UAE, Marlink
HRS: Top Line Growth Forecast in FY18; Long-Awaited Radio Modernization to Drive Accelerating Growth 08/10/2017 20170810 HRS Motorola, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins, Orbital ATK, LLL
KVHI: AgilePlans show Early Promise, but TACNAV orders Will Make-or-Break 2017 08/14/2017 20170814 KVHI
ORBC 2Q17: Another Record Quarter – Too Much of a Good Thing? Customer Rollouts Ding the Bottom Line 08/15/2017 20170815 ORBC JB Hunt, JLG, Oshkosh, SpaceX, SkyWave, Inmarsat, Verizon, Fleetmatics, Sierra Wireless, Numerex, CIMC, Carrier, Globalstar, Iridium
Back on Track, Orbital ATK Beats Q2 Forecast, Raises 2017 Guidance on Record Backlog, Healthy Pipeline 08/21/2017 20170821 OA Aerojet Rocketdyne, OHB, ULA, Blue Origin, Vista Outdoor, Space Systems/Loral
VSAT 1Q18 Falls Wide of the Mark as ViaSat-2 Schedule Slips, Consumer Losses Mount; Betting on a 2H Recovery 08/23/2017 20170823 VSAT American Airlines, Eutelsat, DISH Network, EchoStar, Alaska Airlines, Gogo, Boeing, Airbus, Virgin America, nbn co ltd.
SATS 2Q17: Consumer Broadband Back on the Growth Path; Moving Forward with Jupiter 3 08/28/2017 20170828 SATS DISH Network, ViaSat, Intelsat, Telesat, Eutelsat, SES, Inmarsat, Space Systems Loral, StarGroup, Global Eagle Entertainment, Gilat, Thales, Bentley Walker
Northrop Acquisition of Orbital ATK; Chasing Growth in Space Launch, Hypersonics, Missile Defense, and the Orbital Economy 10/02/2017 20171002 OA Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics, Raytheon, L3, Harris, United Technologies, ULA, Rockwell Collins, Aerojet Rocketdyne
IRDM 3Q17: Guidance Raised Following Another Top/Bottom Line Beat; M2M Strength Continues 11/06/2017 20171106 IRDM Garmin, Thales, SpaceX, SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, Inmarsat, ORBCOMM, ViaSat, Magnitude Space
Classified SpaceX-Zuma Launch Reportedly a Failure; Implications for Iridium? 01/09/2018 20180109 IRDM Iridium, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman
HRS 2Q18: Communication Systems Drive Revenues Higher, with Tax Reform Fueling Impressive EPS Gains 02/01/2018 20180201 HRS Thales, General Dynamics, Rockwell Collins
January 2018 Satellite & Space Monthly Review 02/05/2018 20180205 Airbus, Ball Aerospace, Boeing, Effective Space Systems, General Atomics, Harris, Intelsat, Lockheed Martin, Miltec, Orbital ATK, RSS Energia, Skybox Imaging, SS/L (Maxar), SES, SSTL, Terran Orbital, Thales Alenia Space, Weintraus
VSAT 3Q18 Earnings Report 02/13/2018 20180213 VSAT Boeing, JetBlue, United Airlines, Thales, nbn, Hughes
IRDM 4Q17 Earnings: A Strong Finish to 2017, Raising 2018 EBITDA; Can a ‘Debt Swap’ Retire Liquidity Concerns Once-and-for-All? 02/27/2018 20180227 IRDM Garmin, Harris, Satelles, Thales, SpaceX, NAV CANADA, Hitachi, Komatsu, Honeywell, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, ORBCOMM, ViaSat, Hitachi, Doosan, Caterpillar, Cobham
Intelsat 4Q17 Earnings: Revenue Slide Continues Despite Epic Wins, New Capacity; C-Band ‘Holy Grail’ to the Rescue? 03/05/2018 20180305 I KVHI, SES, Eutelsat, Azercosmos, SKY Perfect JSAT Group, Orbital ATK, Telesat, Dejero Labs
ORBCOMM 4Q17 Earnings: Revenues and Net Adds Blast Through Records, but EBITDA Falls Short Again, Disappointing Investors 03/09/2018 20180309 ORBC Inmarsat, AT&T, Maerospace, Globalstar, Sanmina, Sierra Nevada Corporation
SATS 4Q17 Earnings: Broadband Growth Delivers Yet Again; Competition and FSS Challenges on the Horizon? 02/26/2018 20180226 SATS Global Eagle, Gilat, ThinKom, ViaSat, Thales, Telesat, DISH, SES, Oi
KVHI 4Q17 Earnings: 2017 Investments in AgilePlans, HTS Network, and Photonic Chipset Poised to Deliver Growth in 2018? 03/07/2018 20180307 KVHI Intelsat
Iridium Posts a Solid First Quarter with Guidance Affirmed and No Showstoppers; Full Steam Ahead? 04/30/2018 20180430 IRDM Garmin, Caterpillar, SpaceX, FlightAware, Thales Alenia Space, Satelles, Harris, Thales, COMSAT
Intelsat: Q1 Boosted by Accounting Change, but Core Trends Remain; Mobility now 12% of Revs, C-band Advances 05/02/2018 20180502 I Euroconsult, SKY Perfect JSAT, Azercosmos OJSC, Arianespace, Leidos, SES, Eutelsat
Harris Posts Modest 3Q18 Revenue/EPS Beats; Strong Momentum in Tactical Radios, Electronic Systems 05/04/2018 20180504 HRS Thales, Rockwell Collins, L3 Communications, Orbital ATK
ORBC Delivers Surprise EBITDA ‘Beat’ Propelled by Higher Margins and Sub Growth; 2018 Guidance Affirmed 05/04/2018 20180504 ORBC Inmarsat, AT&T, JB Hunt, Global Fishing Watch, Oceana, Sky Truth, Google, Globalstar
1Q18 Results on Target; Record mini-VSAT Orders/Installs Bode Well for 2H; Double-Digit FOG Growth Continues 05/09/2018 20180509 KVHI Intelsat, BAE
1Q18 Revenue Tops Consensus, EBITDA Wounded by Investment Loss; Consumer Revs up $68 M y/y 05/16/2018 20180516 SATS Gogo, Global Eagle, Inmarsat, Loral, ViaSat, StarGroup, Xplornet, OneWeb, mu Space, SES, DISH
IRDM Aireon Investment Brief 05/22/2018 20180522 IRDM NATS, Harris, exactEarth, NAVCANDADA
ViaSat Reports Record Revenues but Slight EBITDA Miss, Govt. Business Saves the Day; ViaSat-2 Ready to Roll 05/30/2018 20180530 VSAT Eutelsat, Arconics, Telebras, Xplornet, EchoStar, Inmarsat, Gogo, Panasonic, Global Eagle
CMTL Crushes Q3 Consensus EBITDA Forecast, Raises Guidance. Orders/Backlog Suggest More to Come? 06/14/2018 20180614 CMTL ViaSat, Keppler Communications,
EchoStar Bid for Inmarsat – Are the Fireworks Over or Just Beginning? (Hint – It’s all about the spectrum) 07/05/2018 20180705 SATS, ISAT EchoStar, Inmarsat, DISH Network, Gogo, Global Eagle, iDirect, Sprint, SES, THales, Ligado, Yahsat, Thuraya, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Telesat, ViaSat, SKY Perfect JSAT, Mubadala
IRDM 2Q18: Growth Kicks into High Gear as Voice and Hosted Payloads Add to Accelerating IoT Business 08/06/2018 20180806 IRDM Iridium, Aireon, Garmin, SpaceX, Satelles, Airbus, Caterpillar, Globalstar
Intelsat 2Q18: Core Results as Expected, With Mobility Growth and Price Declines; C-Band Advances and Capex to Decline 08/07/2018 20180807 I Intelsat, KVH Industries, Vodacom, TELE Greenland, Navarino, SpaceX, Azercosmos OJSC, SKY Perfect JSAT, Northrop Grumman, SES, Eutelsat, Leidos, Telespazio, AT&T
Harris Forecasts Accelerating Growth in All 3 Segments as Long-Awaited DoD Radios Surge Arrives (Up 35% in FY18) 08/09/2018 20180809 HRS Rockwell Collins, Northrop Gumman, L3,
KVH Achieves Record VSAT Orders, Shipments and Installs as AgilePlans Prove Their Mettle 08/13/2018 20180813 KVHI KVH Industries, Intelsat, BAE, Nordic Hamburg, Garmin, Transpetro
ORBC Delivers Top and Bottom Line Beats on Expanding Base Business, Impressive Net Adds and Growing Margins 08/13/2018 20180813 ORBC Inmarsat, Globalstar, ORBCOMM, Pasha, Codan
EchoStar: Consumer Broadband Hums Along as FSS Slide Continues; Inmarsat Bid on Hold, But Other Options Possible? 08/17/2018 20180817 SATS ViaSat, EchoStar, DISH Network, Global Eagle, Gogo, Inmarsat, VT iDirect, ConocoPhillips, Thales, Baker Hughes, Oi, Bank Rakyat, NSR, SpaceX, Spirit Airlines, Telesat, SES
ViaSat: Healthy Orders and Aero Surge Buried by Profit Whiff and Poor Subscriber Growth; Applying a New Yardstick? 08/21/2018 20180821 VSAT ViaSat, Boeing, American Airlines, EchoStar, Horsebridge Defence and Security, Embraer
Comtech: Exiting FY18 with Record Backlog, Robust Order Book, and Growing Pipeline; FY19 Guide 5% Above Consensus 09/29/2018 20180929 CMTL Comtech, ViaSat
Harris and L3 Technologies Announce Merger of Equals; 1Q19 Earnings Results Top Consensus 10/15/2018 20181015 HRS L3 Technologies
Iridium: Double-Digit Service Growth Contributes to ‘Beat and Raise’; NEXT Constellation Nearing the Finish Line 10/26/2018 20181026 IRDM Aireon, Garmin, SpaceX, Harris, BPI
Intelsat: Core Revenues and EBITDA Still in Reverse as Epic Constellation is Finally Complete; C-Band Scope Widens 11/03/2018 20181103 I APSATCOM, SKY Perfect JSAT, Azercosmos OJSC, Northrop Grumman, SES, Telesat, Eutelsat, Africa Mobile Networks, 21st Century Fox, Rede Amazônica, Grupo Televisia
ORBCOMM: Despite Soft Revenues, EBITDA Tops Consensus by 17%; Raising 2019 Estimates and FCF Forecast to $31 M 11/02/2018 20181102 ORBC Inmarsat, J.B. Hunt, Sanmina, Savi Technology
KVH: VSAT Shipments Poised to Double in 2018; Targeting ~20% Airtime Growth in 2019 with Expanding Margins 11/07/2018 20181107 KVHI Singtel, BAE
VSAT: Second Quarter Dominated by Aero Terminals & Broadband Revenues; Results Bury Consensus 11/06/2018 20181106 VSAT Aeromexico, La Compagnie, American Airlines, Embraer, Gulfstream, Bentley, Boeing, SpaceX, ULA, EchoStar
EchoStar: Legacy FSS Woes Undercut Strong Consumer Broadband Growth; $500 Million Buyback to the Rescue 11/10/2018 20181110 SATS DISH, Viasat, Yahsat, Eutelsat, Telesat, Global Eagle, Air France, Airbus,
Comtech: Blowout Q1 Results Send Stock 12% Higher; Guidance Raised 4% With Multiple Large Deals in the Pipeline 20181216 CMTL Northrop, Harris, Viasat
November 2018 Satellite & Space Monthly Review 20181216 ArianeGroup, Airbus, Safran, ULA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Mitsubishi, Northrop Grumman, Maxar Technologies, Vacco, MMA, BCT, MGA, LGA, Astrobotic, Lockheed Martin, Google, Moon Express, Team Indus, Orbit Beyond, Firefly Aerospace, Intuitive Machines, Draper, Deep Space Systems, Masten Space Systems