The new Space Force is here! The new Space Force is here!

Sure, we’re paraphrasing one of many worthy quotes from “The Jerk.” And our response is the same as the scripted response in that movie:

“Well, we wish we could get so excited about nothing.”

To be clear, there are some good things in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), such as a pay raise for service members and paid parental leave for Federal workers. But the creation of the Space Force is the headliner, and, frankly, the only news about that topic is that there’s no real news (in the short-term).

What can we expect from the newly-established Space Force?

  • Consolidation of USAF activities, though no indication of how/when/if other services branches (Army, Navy, USMC, SMC) will fold in their space professionals.
  • We view it as highly unlikely that IC (intelligence community) space activities join the Space Force
  • No
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Is the U.S. National Security Space “Launch Market” only big enough for two launch providers?

In October 2018, the US Air Force selected four companies (Blue Origin, Northrop, SpaceX, ULA) to compete for the newly established National Security Space Launch (NSSL) program that replaces the 1990s vintage EELV program. The Air Force has… Read the rest

Paying a premium for obsolescence

Image Credit: ULA
On 30 September, the US Air Force awarded United Launch Alliance (ULA) a $1.18 billion contract modification to support the launch of five Delta IV Heavy rockets stretching through the end of February 2024. When combined with an earlier $1.01 billion production contract, each launch will cost a hefty $438 million. The contract modification was necessary because, with the end of the EELV program,
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